Plant or Prescription?

Today we went to see a Naturopath, to explore options for our daughter’s ADHD treatment. The husband and I have both agreed that we don’t want to go down the prescribed medication route and, if at all possible, want her to be able to deal with her symptoms via natural and healthy options.

We have been doing A LOT of research recently, specifically in to natural alternatives for medication. It seems that the two main supplements that we should be looking at are Zinc and Ginseng.

Having met with the Naturopathic Doctor, we are now looking at food allergies and intolerances, to see if this is throwing her off balance. We ended up taking away a probiotic powder and Omega 3 oils, plus continued use of multivitamins and Siberian Ginseng.

The doctor also recommended Bach’s Rescue Remedy to calm her down and help her sleep. He mentioned it’s only a band aid and won’t sort out the root cause of the issue but, after nearly eight years of very little sleep, I’ll take it!

As I write, the doctor is putting together a diet plan and list of herbal remedies that E can start on, to see if this will help.

Hopefully, along with finding out if there are any food allergies, this may help little one with her sensitivities and concentration.

It’s a waiting game…..


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