A Trip To The Homeland

Oh the anticipation and excitement! Today, we get to go home for two whole weeks! Well, two weeks less the travelling time of a day each side, plus another three days each side for jet lag. So six days really. But I. Can’t.Wait!

We moved to Vancouver, BC from the UK just under eight years ago and, while I am enjoying living in one of the most beautiful and clean places on Earth, I miss my home and the people in it.

It’s the smell that invades my senses first. As soon as we step off the plane in London, it hits me. It reminds me of Carry On Laughing films, cockney accents, and cups of tea. It quite literally makes my eyes water. In an emotionally good way. Then it makes me laugh out loud, which makes me look odd in the middle of the airport.

After walking through the airport and getting in to the car, we start the drive home. On to the motorway and then we hit the countryside. The rolling green fields and fat hedges remind me of my childhood, running in the grass to the stream to catch tadpoles.

Every time we come home, I marvel at how small everything looks compared to Canada. The cars, roads, houses, everything. And I love it. It’s like being given a big secure hug from everything that you know and love.

So, adios Canada! See you in a few. I’m off for cucumber sandwiches, walks around old market towns, cups of tea on my Mum and Dads sofa, and quality time with my family!





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